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Everest Security Berlin

... offers more than security.

We are the strong team at your side – for person protection, events and property. 365 days per year we are place our offer to your disposals. From Berlin to Europe, from Europe worldwide. Our multinational stuff guarantees the right man, the right woman at the right place.

We are always there for you. 24 hours.

Facts who convince…

  • available 24 hours!
  • in all of Germany - all over Europe!
  • many years of experience

We are always there for you. 24h!

About us

We protect your event. We analyse the demand before your event starts. We have a look to the location, we develop the security concept with a binding offer. At the day of event we are there. Visible or discreet in the background.

And if the event is over we discuss with you, with our client, whats happened. What was good and what could be better next time? So everybody can learn from it for following events. We protect your property and your private own ground. We develop a draft. And we are there with equipment and manpower.

And we protect you! If you feel the necessity to guard yourself, the members of your family, your stuff – whoever. We are the partner staying everytime at your side.

Everest Security

We offer the protection around the clock or for a limited time, for a event, dinner or travel. And if you need a limousine with personal driver? You get it. All from one hand. All from our hand.


Security is one of the most sensitive parts of life. Some clients have allowed us to mentioned their name to give a report about our work. Special thanks for the confidence.


Armed bodyguard security

“Bodyguard service ist the guarantee of personal security of a person, which needs support to protect life, healthy and own against third persons.”

This sentence – very free translated – you will find by wikipedia. And it is a good description of what we do. There are a lot of different points to find a solution of it. It is not enough to give the “protected person” a “shadow”. The job – our job – start long time before the event starts, where we should protect.

We are your partner in case of your and your customers and clients security. Before the job starts, we make inquiries about the location, about the way to and from the location and we develop solutions. A very big value for us is the talk with our clients after the event, after the successful job. Because – after an order is before an order. For a good benefit.

In a matter of course we protect you not only in your event but also on your way to. From airport or hotel and back. We escort you – right at the corner or worldwide.

Our bodyguards are armed. They have a perfect education in shooting and fighting to defend the security of our clients. But also our bodyguards are educated in manners.

With us you can show up. On protect ways.

Unarmed person companion

In contrast with armed bodyguard service the unarmed companion is not there to make your way safe but to make your way comfortable and pleasant.

One simple example? Never ever a bodyguard will carry your briefcase or anything. It would be disabled his work. The duty of companion is specially this. He will takes your bags and cases, he will takes your umbrella by rainy weather. He will be your assistant, your cityguide or the dinner-escort.

A perfect companion is a butler. Or he has a long time experience in a five-star-hotel or as a limousine driver. He has knowledge, he is self-confident but inconsicuous.

Our employees are different in age, multilingual, with extensive experiences and a higl level of education and manners.

Let us know your wishes and ideas, than we can choose your perfect companion.

Kids companion

They are the most delicate and most valuable link in the chain: our children. In a world with conflicts and violences, in a world with threats and influences it is more and more important to protect their life and their innocence. We accompany the kids with educational trained stuff, men and women.

Children should not feel the reasons why they are protected. Children should be trust the companions how they trust their parents.

Event protection

Sometimes it looks like the whole world is an only event. And it is in big cities like Berlin. Night by night a lot of events are happened at a lot of difference places. It has big fair trades and congresses, going for a lot of days with thousands of people. Or first nights of cinema, opera or theater. The fashion world shows new collections. Parties and organisations have meetings to change their minds. In a daily rhythm statesguests visited the capital and right on the other side of the street a wedding party is going on.

Talk about your event to us. Talk about your standards, your ideas and your wishes. We deliver the complete solutions. Together we visit the location of your event to make it safe and successful. We are working together with all other partners like police and rescue services. We have the security stuff. If admittance, regulations in the event hall or inconspicuous observation.

We have qualified stuff for all of that. And should come a thundery shower: we have umbrellas…

Property protection

We protect your real estates and your properties for a limited time (for example in case of holidays) or regular daily, nightly or 24 hours, seven days per week.

If you have a wonderful villa in a beautiful landscape arround Berlin, if you have e city-office-building or just an apartment. We have the solution, we have the right stuff and equipment for your object.

We advise for CCTV-Systems to control your property and we advise about to use it in correspondence with the german laws.

Limousine Service

Our service is not complete without an offer for your ground transportation.

But our own business is the security. So we are working together with limousine services with their own experiences in car driving. Business, politics or sightseeing. In every line of business we are connected with perfect partners.

If you need a limousine for the airort pick-up or you need a fleet of different limousines, vans and busses. You get everything from one hand – from our hand.

Everest Security is your adviser and brings together partners.


If you need a vehicle for the street – we are delivering. If you need a helicopter or an airplane – we deliver too. We arrange all kinds of planes and helis. And we organize the permissions for the plane parking place at the airport and for you, your guests and your luggage.

Talk to us – we are your adviser. Together with some different general aviation partners.


Available 24 hours

Handy: +49 (0)175 23 08 250


  • available 24 hours!
  • in all of Germany - all over Europe!
  • only certified professionals
  • many years of experience
  • we protect your event!
  • we protect your property!
  • and – we protect you!
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